Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not Yet Too Late

I was deeply moved by a story that my mom had relayed to me the other day. The son of her friend has been in trouble for the past months since end of December last year. Even it was embarrassing for my mom’s friend to tell that her son is into prohibited drugs, he can’t hide that fact since she has seen so many behavioural changes in him. A complaint in the barangay is also filed because of her son’s waywardness and it looks like he already needed some form of drug treatment,

I know it’s not even too easy for them to convince her son to go on a rehab but I I guess with a good convincing he’ll be able to go inside a drug treatment center hat can help him cleanse himself and later on start a new “life”. I know it’s not yet too late for him to do that for there are centers that can address his problems with professionalism.

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