Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just a Rant

I don't usually rant here if I'm not too piqued but the recent incident that happened to me made want to burst it out here. I will not be putting it into detail though but hope you permit  me to yank in here. I was suppose to renew my debit card that expired last month. I went to the branch and applied for it knowing I can get it after a week or so. Called the office few times but unfortunately they can’t find my request. It’s been 3 weeks already but nothing happened. I needed that card badly for my transaction but due to their delay I was left in confusion.

Anyway, I already found the answer to my question about my card and the reason I can’t get the replacement is that my account is already inactive or closed. Geez, that teller should have called me after days of knowing it to save me from waiting but she did not do it. I only was able to talk to a nicer teller yesterday and she also kept her promise that she will look into my account. She made it all clear with the call that she made this morning. I should have known that my acct. was already inactive much earlier. Right now, I’m just planning to transfer to another branch to apply for a new debit card. Yay.. waiting is hard thing..

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