Friday, May 6, 2011

New Trends in Medical Field

Nurses somewhat run in our family, my sister is a nurse by profession though she’s not practicing it right now. My aunt and uncle met during their nursing college days are now nurses in the US for about 3 decades now. They have the passion for their career that’s why up to now they are practicing it.

A cousin of mine, who at first was in a different field decided to shift to nursing has also been working in a hospital in the US. While a distant cousin is also reaping the rewards of being a nurse in the US as well. I have other distant relatives and friends who are nurses and I can see in them the dedication that they are putting in their careers.

I often see them wear their immaculately clean white uniforms but lately I have seen some photos via their Facebook acct. that they upgraded their work clothes. I’m glad that fashion has finally invaded the medical field for I saw color and prints in their scrubs. Now, they are not stuck to wearing white but they have the option to choose new trends like wearing trend colors and patterns. I was even more amazed to see cartoons character

even had Hello Kitty, Tweety, Dora and Betty Boop prints. Tooniforms ScrubsCherokee Flexibles Scrubs

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