Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Home Projects

Slowly, my mom and I have been accomplishing things that we wanted to do or buy for the house. At first, my mom is very hesitant to the change but I told her it's already time for a change and she should not let the sentimental value of a furniture or old look to hinder us from making our home more contemporary.

We started by changing some of our old appliances when we bought new ones before Christmas last year. It was a breeze to see new appliances and I can see the happiness in my mom’s eyes when they are all installed already. This March, I bought her a new Samsung LCD TV for it’s now time to say goodbye to our old TV.

Right now, I’m planning new projects for our home and here are some.

1.Since it’s still summer, I wanted to have our house re-painted. I guess this is the perfect time to do that. I wanted our living room and kitchen to be brighter and in life once again. A white color paint will do the trick for sure.

2. I also wanted to change the lighting in our living room since that is where my work place is located as well. Mom also suggested that we need to have to install few more lights in garage and I already found an idea about outdoor lighting from when I was looking for inspiration.

3. Finally, I wanted a new sofa. The one the we have right now is over 2 decades now and again this is a good time to replace it.

I already have a budget for these projects so I’m hoping that I’ll have them place this 1st quarter of the year.

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