Monday, October 4, 2010

Latex mattress / Foam mattresses for Sounder Sleep

Sleep is very important to me and as much as possible I need 7-8 hours of full sleep so I can feel fully recharged and energized the next day. Sometimes with my work schedules where I need to extend my working hours until 1 am, I’m not able to get that ample amount of good sleep. When that happens, I see to it that I’ll take a nap in the afternoon or sleep early that day. Lack of sleep will definitely make me sluggish.

Lately, I’ve noticed some back and neck pains when I get up in the morning and I guess my old mattress and pillows are the culprits. I’ve wanted to replace it but I need to find out if I’m still going to get a mattress with spring on it or the latex mattress and those memory foam mattresses that I often see online and the home depot stores.

I learned that latex mattress and the memory foam mattress conform to the contour of our body; it can provide orthopedic support and relief pressure when we’re on bed. Though they can cost a little more than the ordinary, it’s durable and resilient plus it’ll reduce our toss and turn while sleeping. With that info that I learned, I guess I can opt to buy one of those king mattresses either made of foam or latex for a sounder sleep.

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