Friday, October 1, 2010

Keeping a Food Journal

For those people that are dealing with overweight issues, they are for sure faced with lots of problems. Not just discrimination from people who can’t understand their situation but they are very vulnerable to many health problems like heart problems etc. Aside from that, the humiliation, social stigma and the lost of self-confidence are generally heartbreaking for those that are having weight issues.

If you’re determined in conquering your weight loss problem, you need to set a goal and instill in your mind that it can be a long journey but worth the ride. Start by watching what you eat. Find the right diet plan, use the online calorie counter and calculator that can help you learn and jot down the calories that each food has. Upon knowing how many calories to burn, you need to start an exercise routine by finding workout routines. All these tools can be found for free at FitClick.

Also, keep a food journal, in that way, you can track what you eat and it can help you in your weight loss. You can use a small notebook or use the available online food journal if you want. Keeping a journal can increase your chances of losing weight for you can control your food intake.


  1. Monitoring our diet through food journal is an effective way for us to finally get into the details of the foods we eat, in such way we can finally determine its value and we can measure the calories we get. Fitclick is a nice place where we could get track of our diet activities without any worry as it is free and offers different services that will help us achieve our weight loss goals.

  2. I always like it every time I read posts like this. This made me realize that loosing weight is not an overnight thing but is a journey. And thanks to sites like Fitclick as I can use their free tools like their food journal, calorie calculator, and even select the best weight loss program to help me reach my weight loss goal.

  3. Hey, that's a great advice, monitoring food in take in a food journal. I remember, when I was still pregnant and had GDM, I would monitor every food I atel It was fulfilling knowing that you are aware of what you are eating. Will definitely check out FitClick.coam pretty soon.


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