Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking Hobby and Such

My work requires me to be online almost 24/7 and involves lots of thinking as I need to make post and good reviews about company products or services. There are times that my mind just won't work and words are not coming out of my mind. I can also feel stress and feeling being burned out because of too much.

When I feel like my mind is too "full" or too stressed already, I try to relax and focus on something else. Music plays a great part on my relaxation. I just turn on the radio, open Youtube if I'm online or do my favorite hobby which is digital scrapbooking. I started to digi-scrap way back in 2007 up to now. In fact, I have printed lots of my layouts at ARTSCOW, that offers very affordable and high quality photo prints, photobook printings and more. I'm also designing digi kits right now and my designs are sold exclusively at Artscow.

Digital photography also fascinates me and with DLSR in my hand, I can capture moments as I see it through my lens. Since I'm too busy these days, I seldom use my DLSR anymore but for sure my love for photography will never fade. I just have to find a time to focus on my photography.

My hobbies keeps me relax and helps me become more creative.

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