Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Hookah Thing

I’ve been doing my usual Facebook visit and I’m always thrilled and excited to see updates from friends and family. Sometimes my time is eaten up when I browse all the new photos or videos that they’ve uploaded. A recent post of my elder sister who is working overseas in the Middle East was so interesting. Aside from seeing pictures of their recent trip to Bahrain for a conference, photos of their visit to a place where they posed beside a hookah were quite interesting. It’s not often that I see people smoking with their pipe so I find it real amusing.

This hookah thing is not new to me since I’ve seen it already featured in the news and one local show here. It’s quite popular in the Middle East but nowadays many countries have already adapted it. In fact, here in the country, some high-end bars and clubs are offering hookah to their clients and it seems it is gaining popularity. More online shops are also selling hookah accessories and even a tobacco for their social smoking. I guess if my BIL is still smoking for sure he’ll try this.

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