Wednesday, July 2, 2008

: Dead Tired :

Ahhhhh what a tiring day it was for me yesterday. School days are back again so my customers here in my net café were almost students who logged in to do research work, projects and on the side they never fail to view their friendster accounts. There are times that I need to assist them when they don’t know how to click but most of them were already good using the net. I have also printing works and I am glad that my sis in law is also here to help me out with the typing jobs. If I have no time to do so, I call her and she will do it.

It was also hot and humid yesterday it adds up to my tiredness. I just opened the aircon for few hours bec. I am saving electricity since the charge is so high last month. I need to do so or else I will not earn. Anyway, it was around 9 pm when I went home, feeling exhausted and hungry and all I think about was soaking in a warm bath and dreaming I am in a vacation either in Autralia again or one of those Caribbean cruises. It’s not bad to dream isn’t it? Another day today so I hope I will not be exhausted again.
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