Wednesday, July 2, 2008

: Me, Moah and Ako :

Like i said at my previous post, I went to the salon last Sunday (finally!) to get a new hair cut, hair color and a hair spa. It was not a major change in my hair since I told the gay hairdresser to just cut 2 inches off my hair. And so he did but he chopped off (layered) the back part which I hate, bec. my hair is too thick, doing so will make my hair more "buhaghag" and thick. Ahh anyway, at least my hair will grow back. I had a relaxing Sunday at the spa but I was sitting in the chair for 3 hours for my treatment.

BTW, the photo is not so clear since it was taken only with a phone cam of my niece. Just playing with the cam one night inside my net cafe and you can see some customers renting there.

Oh can you take a look at my monitor at the back. It's a bit messy right???? hehe Those folders are my recent downloaded freebie kits but soon I will organize my stuff.

Credits: Frame by DOTE Designs and flower by chriscrap

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