Thursday, July 3, 2008

: So, You Are Pregnant! :

You missed your period for many days already and now you are anxious. You bought pregnancy kit and you hurriedly go to the bathroom and tested it with your urine. Boom, it’s positive! You burst into tears upon knowing the result. You have waited for many years to make it happen and now it’s finally here. You just couldn’t believe and to make to make sure you buy another kit with diff. brand and it stays positive. Many thoughts of being a mom now pierced into your mind; wow such a happy feeling and you are elated. You immediately called your husband to give the big news and both of you are happy and excited.

The next thing you know you are already visiting your OB Gyne for a regular check up. This is your 1st time so you’ll do anything to keep it and have a safe pregnancy. Your doctor advises you lots of things to do and prevent during your pregnancy. Just some of the things your OB told you was to watch about your nutrition, exercise and frequent consultations. There are many nice articles on net about Food during pregnancy that you can read and it will certainly help your path so healthy pregnancy. Just remember you are not eating only for yourself now but there’s a little miracle inside of you now.

I know I have not experienced this wonderful gift from the Lord but I saw my sis-in-laws’ journeys to motherhood and they say it is wonderful and rewarding.

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