Thursday, July 3, 2008

: LP: Tatak Pinoy (Pinoy Trademarks) :

It's good to be posting for Litratong Pinoy once again, i have been abasent for quite a while.

Anyway, Have you been to ANTIPOLO??? The famous "Tayo na sa Antipolo" line. We are just about 30 mins. away from the town. Last Mother's day our family went to hear mass at the famous Our Lady of Good Voyage church there and it was also the Maytime festival in Antipolo that is why you can see that decor below.

There are also food stalls (lots of them) and other booth selling native products and delicacies. Oh are you hungry now with that suman? There are also kalamay, and the yummy kasoy.

I remember when i was still small we have this paper mache horse as out toy. This is only a miniature one being sold in one of the stalls there. (Naalala ko pa nung maliit pa ko meron kami nitong kabayo na to na laruan)

Nakapunta na ba ka yo sa Anitpolo? Ang sikat na linyang Tayo na sa Antipolo. Malapit lang kami sa lugar mga 30 minuto lang ang layo. Noong araw ng mga Ina ay doon kami nakinig ng misa at tamang tama naman na Pista kaya maraming dekorasyon doon.

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