Friday, July 4, 2008

: I love my HP Pavilion Computer :

Bought my baby last year and up to now it has never given me any headaches. The money that I spent buying it was really worth it even though I can buy 2 pc with its price already. There are new models of HP pavilion pc on the market right now with bigger specs and bigger lcd monitors. I wish I’ll have it too but my current one is doing really great and will not hang eventhough I will open multiple browsers and photo editing programs like my Photoshop CS3 and Corel PSP.

I’m into digital scrapbookind and digital photography so I need quite good of pc memory so that it will perform fast. Right now my pc memory is only 2.5 GB but I have plans of upgrading it still. I just love this pc of mine where I do all my works all the time. I wish it will not give up so soon.

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