Wednesday, July 9, 2008

: Color Me White :

Have you noticed lately that more and more commercials (print and ads) about whitening products here in the Phils. have mushroomed over the years? From papaya soaps, scrubs, astringents, and even glutathione products have been endorsed by celebrities. People are often lured to buy them so that they can achieve a whiter and fairer skin.

I myself have been guilty of using whitening products at one point in my life where I have desperately tried to make skin look whiter by using those orange papaya soaps and lotions. Funny thing is that one time when I used Block and White lotion, red rashes appeared accompanied by itchiness. I went to my derma doctor and she said i developed an allergy over that product, so i stopped using it.

My Aussie broinlaw even asked me one time why do I need to bleach myself? He said that I have beautiful brown skin so that made me really stop my illusion of being "white".

It is so sad to know that our society dictates that being white is better and beautiful when in fact it can't be measured by the color of our skin. Pinoys strive very hard to become white while those foreigners who are pale and white would do anything to make themselves tan or brwon by baking themselves under the sun thus making themselves prone to skin cancer. Funny isn't it but that's the truth. People will never really get satisfied.

Hey tell me, are you guilty of using whitening products??? What are your thoughts about this?

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