Saturday, July 19, 2008

: I've Joined the Entrecard Bandwagon :

I have been seeing and hearing about Entercard for quite a while now and I just thought it is just nothing. I started hearing from other bloggers that their traffic increased tremendously so I thought that Entrecard really does help gain more traffic and visitors so I decided to join the bandwagon just yesterday.

I am still reading info on how it works and I reckon I can fully understand it in no time, I bet it is much easier to learn the mechanics of it than to know to study the strategy for international taxes, pheww that topic is hard to digest. Anyway, I am dropping my card since last night and I’ve got few drops as well. Still don’t know how to advertise to other site hehehe.. I bet I still need to read, read and read.

Oh BTW, you can drop your card at my site, just look at the entrecard icon on the right sidebar, ok.

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