Saturday, July 19, 2008

:Photohunt: What is that? :

Our theme at Photohunters this week is WHAT IS THAT?

So here is my entry, this is one of my favorite,shrimp cooked with coconut milk (kakang gata) - which is the juice you get out from shredded coconut.

It is so easy to cook actually,
*just simmer
(don't stir) in low heat the coconut milk until oil comes out of it.
* Put the small shrimps, stir until cook (orange color)
*Put a little bit of salt, continue stirring until it thickens
* Serve with squeezed calamansi with patis (fish sauce) as condiment
*Eat with rice

YUMMY yummy! Does that make you hungry ??? hehe I have another entry at MY OTHER BLOG that is known to Pinoys.

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