Friday, July 18, 2008

: Reminiscing our Highschool Days :

Helen, a friend of mine way back in High School visited me last Sunday and we had a blast talking and reminiscing our high school days. And look at us playing with her phone cam. She brought the pictures of our 21st reunion for me to see bec. i wasn't able to attend the reunion in 2005 bec. I was out of the country that time.

We also watched the video that they had back then
while eating pizza and I was laughing and was so excited to see my former classmates. I have a hard time recognizing some of them bec. they have changed so much in time. You could really see the changes in them, some are fat/slim, balding already, others stayed sexy, while others stayed single.

And next year after 25 years of graduating (1984) in high school we will have our Silver Homecoming. We don't look we've graduated 25 yrs ago from h-school, right?? Oh well, we are actually preparing for it now so I am pretty excited now. I also made a forum for our batch so that we can keep in touch.

Oh well, gotta go now, just need to do some researching 'coz my nephew is bugging me to make a research about team collaboration software that he needs. You know, aunts are always helpful..phewww!

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