Sunday, July 20, 2008

: Overwhelming Blogs :

I was surfing and blog hopping today and I was so overwhelmed bec. many people have been blogging now all over the world. Pinoys have been blogging to the highest power now esp. when paypal opened their doors for us. The youngest blogger that I came across from 14 yrs. old and wow she is into monetizing her blog too, very clever little girl. I guess she is using her mom or parent's paypal for that.

Anyway, there are many interesting blogs that I came across, some have nice headers too but some have very messy or should I say too much blinkies or widgets that is a sore to the eyes sometimes, others have blogs that load slow maybe due to their server. I also noticed that a lot of SAHM (stay at home moms) are into blogging now and many have been considering of earning some income too via online. I see no reason now why those Marketing for moms consultancy firms have been targeting them. It's fun to see people blog about their life, experiences, tips and I think blogging is here to stay for a long long time..

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