Monday, July 21, 2008

: Sunday Malling :

Oh well I never thought that I will be out yesterday bec. I was so busy with my online works. I heard that my nephew and niece where going to a nearby mall (SM) so I hurriedly get my butt of my pc chair, closed the pc and told them that I am going with them. They are actually happy that I will go with them bec. they know I will pay for their fare. I also want to go with them bec. I am craving for a cake since last week.

Anyway, there is a sale at SM going on when we got there, I did not intend to buy anything bec. I don't need any so we just look around. I just tried some shoes bec.there are many nice styles available, I am so happy that I have controlled myself in buying. My nephew and niece went to a bookstore to buy school supplies while I tried to stroll around and just window shop. Argghh there are nice watches that I really love... the good thing is that I don't have enough money to buy one... Hahhhaha great saving for me. A good tip to save : Don't bring enough money so that you will not impluse buying.. hehe

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