Friday, July 18, 2008

: Are you a Bookworm? :

I can say that I admire people who love reading books, esp. those that can read from cover to cover in just one sitting bec. sadly I am not a book reader. Pheww, they are really so patient in reading but I know if a book is so interesting to read then perhaps they’d be glued to it. I just know Oprah is one celeb that loves reading and in fact, I saw on her TV show about her book club. Wish I am just as enthusiastic like they are.

I have also teenage nieces (Kath and Micah) who love books and we don’t have a hard time finding gifts for them anymore since books are always a perfect choice to give them. From Harry Potter, Narnia and other novels or classics, they are often enthralled to finish them.
I know when they grow up and become more mature, their taste for books will become varied, who knows one day they will enjoy reading management/business books like that of Dennis Carey, if they do I’ll find it so appealing.

So what about you what books have you finished reading lately? Care to share?

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