Wednesday, July 30, 2008

: Birthday Girl :

My niece Micah Jey turned 14 today and we already greeted her over the phone. We spoke to her even for few minutes now since it was a bit expensive (hehe) calling overseas bec. she is in Sydney right now.

She was excited to hear from us as I can sense in her voice and she happily told us that her friends gave her a GHD hair iron straightener hehehe. Actually she has been bugging her mom (my sis JOYD) fro the longest time to buy her that but oh boy that is a bit expensive. And i guess her friends know that she really wants to have it so they chip in money just to buy it and gave it as gift for her.

Oh BTW, her hair is naturally curl, she is just fond of ironing her bangs for a modern look. ahh you know teens these days! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIC-MIC (we use to call her that when she was still a baby)!!!! Be good ha!!

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