Thursday, July 24, 2008

: Rampant Cellphone and Laptop Snatching! :

This is so alarming and disgusting. Snatchers are so ruthless that they snatch cellphones in the blink of an eye while you are using in on the streets, aboard a bus or jeepneys or any public places. I also heard that snatchers even are riding a motorbike and they will stop when they see a prospect using it.. Tsk tsk..tsk.

I noticed another modus operandi that they have done here in my internet cafe. BE AWARE of people soliciting donations bec. they will distract your attention while you are using the internet. They will approach you while you are busy and they can immediately get your cellphones that you put on the table. I always ask the suspicious people soliciting to get out of my store and remind my customers to watch out for their phones.

Also be vigilant when using your laptops on public places, displaying them so much will only attract snatchers. Just last night I saw 2 men were apprehended for stealing laptops bec. of poverty.

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