Wednesday, July 23, 2008

: Most Searched Posts in my Blog :

I've noticed lately that I have few posts on my blog that have been searched in yahoo or google many times and this made me happy of course. I guess because of the keywords in it or maybe people need to search something about that topic.

No. 1 will be my FRUIT SALAD RECIPE - most of my visitors came here in the Phils., I am just amazed bec. I guess many wants to make one for their yummy treat. Try googling the keyword "fruit salad recipe" and this post will come 1st on the result. Good eh?!

No.2 is my I GOT MY POST ID post- my post will be 4th when you search POSTAL ID keyword on google.

No. 3 is HAVE YOU TRIED CRAZY CREPES? -the yummy crepes that I once tasted.

No. 4 is my SETTING UP YOUR DOMAIN YOU BOUGHT AT 1AND1 AND BLOGGER AS YOUR HOST, -- I also posted this at my other 2 blogs and they are well searched and viewed too.

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