Saturday, April 23, 2011

Must Have Portable Gadgets when Travelling

I love to travel. I love to discover new places and new culture, meet new people and try new adventures. But the truth is, before all of this pleasure is the horrible long haul travel that I have to endure before I can reach my dream destination.

But of course there is always a way to kill time while waiting in the airport or for your bus transfers and the like and that is by bringing with you portable gadgets that can keep you entertained and busy.

Laptop. I love to bring my laptop every time I travel. Since it is loaded with all the software that I need,

• I can use it as my data storage so I don’t have to bring hard copy of my files with me as I travel as they are all stored on my laptop’s Hard disk. I can also easily download pictures from my camera while on the tour and save it to my laptop for storage.
• I can even work while on the road with my laptop. I remember there was one time when I have 4 hours of lay over in an airport and I was able to finish my article about Medifast and Nutrisystem for the diet blog that I am working on.
• I can even watch movies as all laptops come with video software like Media Player.
• I can go online if I found a WiFi spot and read news, connect to my friends in Facebook, chat in Twitter and would you believe that I was even able to do some online shopping while in the airport when I discovered a great coupon code that is so hard to resist.

Mobile Phones. Most phones today are so high tech that you can do more than just text and call. Take for example the iPhone. You can use it to watch videos, listen to your favorite music, and even read your favorite e-book. Most phones is also equipped with WiFi capability so you can even connect online, check emails, post a shout out in Twitter and many more.

Ebook Readers like Kindle. What is nice about Kindle is that it is especially design for e-book reading. The screen is wide and the brightness of the screen is perfect that it won’t give you a headache even if you have been reading for long hours. And even if it is just an e-book that you are reading, it will make you feel that you are really holding and reading a real paper back book.

Picture and Video Cameras. If you are a photo and video enthusiast, you might find your cameras handy as for sure you can find a lot of interesting things that you can use as subject while passing time. And with your laptop on hand, you can download those pictures right away and upload it to those online photo printing site and create your own photo books instantly while waiting in the airport. These sites even offer coupon discounts and savings promo code so you can create photo books at discounted price.

Thanks to technology, we have a lot of portable gadgets that can keep us entertained and pre-occupied while on the road.

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