Saturday, April 9, 2011

Troubleshooting Galore

Last night, I was kinda piqued when my Firefox acted up while I’m reading nationwide insurance review and opening my Yahoo Mail. I don’t know but suddenly I can't read the mail messages but I can open them. An error message appears and it says "CONTENT ENCODING ERROR”. I’ve signed in and out of yahoo and even rebooted my laptop but still it’s the same. I’ve googled it hoping to find a solution but the procedures that some blogs has is too complicated so I didn’t follow it.

Annoyed with it, I just upgraded my Firefox to Firefox 4 so I can get rid of the error and voila it's ok already. Of course I need to change some settings on FF4 and add the echofon (twitterfox) plus some other add-ons that I'm using. It took a while because some as I experienced some minor bugs but it's all fine now.

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