Sunday, April 24, 2011

There’s Always Hope

There are many nice documentaries and TV shows shown this Holy Week. Some even touched my heart and left me teary eyed. There are stories about survival, repentance and going back to the Lord. It left me thinking and hoping that someone has also seen their stories and make it as an inspiration. One of the stories that I want to share is about a man who became a drug addict and became a social menace. Robbing and stealing other people's belongings became his past time and one day he found himself even killing people. He turned into a worst person that deserves to be jailed or even deserves a death sentence.

He was jailed but later on converted to became good when one inmate invited him to read the bible inside the jail. God touched him and he even became a pastor. When he was pardoned after so many years, he promised God that he'll serve Him all his life. This touching story can remind us that people can still change and become a better person. So those that have addiction to anything can still be cured, an alcohol or even a xanax detox house is always available to people who needs help.

So for those people who needs help, always believe and think that there’s still hope.

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