Wednesday, September 3, 2008

: Change of Plans :

Few months ago while I’m on my Australian vacation my sister who is in Saudi and I have been planning to go to Hongkong Disneyland with some of our relatives. It was originally planned that we will we meeting in HK bec. they thought that they will have a stop over there before flying here in the Phils. for their summer vacation. My bro and his son hurriedly got their passport because of this plans while I have been thinking of flying again from Manila to HK to meet them up.

The plans look so realistic and we are all getting excited esp. the kids when suddenly the plans didn’t pushed through because they got a direct flight back here in Manila in a short notice. Of course we got disappointed bec. it will be our 1st time to go there since it is also an hour or so away from our country. When we all got here in Manila, we didn’t pursued our plans anymore to go there but we all wished we’ll go there in the future. Who knows we might end up going to the US and see the Disney there? In fact, there are plenty of disney world tickets to buy online. I wish my dream to visit Disney World will not just be a dream.

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