Monday, September 29, 2008

;The Amazing Race 13:

Oh my oh my my ever favorite reality TV show has started again! AMAZING RACE season 13 was shown via satellite this morning Sept. 29 at 8 am over Studio 23 (or Sept. 28 Sunday night US time) and of course being an avid fan, i never failed to watch it. The satellite feed was cut off for few minutes so i was disappointed not to see how they really started and when it came back the participants were already in the car on their way to the airport.

Anyway, there are 11 couples who will be racing around the world and their 1st destination is Brazil. Couples were subjected to many tasks and I was excited to see them compete. Anita & Arthur, the married beekeepers where the 1st pair to be eliminated. Countries where The Amazing Race will pass are New Zealand, Cambodia, India, Kazakzthan, and Russia.

I know I will be hooked in watching Amazing Race every week and if I am correct it will be shown every Tuesdays at 8 pm over at Studio 23. If you are an avid fan like me, share your thoughts here will ya?

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