Tuesday, September 30, 2008

: My Niece's 18th Debut Party:

It was last Saturday (Sept. 27) that we had a very simple 18th b-day party of my niece Kathleen. It was just held here at my bro's place, we didn't rent any venue or ask someone to cater the food for practical reasons. They just butchered a pig and they made a lot of dishes out of it. It was around 7 pm when visitors flocked in and Kath was all around tending to her visitors while I am busy taking pictures.

It rained hard for few minutes but that didn't stop the visitors from coming in. Aside from that the tarpaulin came in late but I am happy it was not pixelated when printed. Take a look at the Tarpaulin Layout that I made. I hate the decor and color of the cake that we ordered, we ordered a chocolate one but when we cut it, it has vanilla in it. We also ordered for a baby pink and blue colors but they put a darker one that looks looks horrible. Hmmm anyway, at least it tastes so delicious or else I will be ranting more here.

Anyway, we also had videoke machine where anyone can sing. Kat and her friends were singing the whole night. We had no traditional 18 roses or 18 candles bec. my niece didn't like it bec. she wants it to be just simple. Here are just few of the pictures that I took.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

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