Monday, September 15, 2008

: Preparing for my Niece's Debut Party :

My niece Kathleen will be turning 18 on September 26 and we are having a small birthday party for her on the 27th. She didn't want to have a cotillion or any dancing so i guess it will only be karaoke and eating time. I have already started to layout her birthday invitations and just this morning before she went to school, I asked her to pose for me so I can take photos of her that I will put in the front of her invitation. I also need to layout a design that will be printed in a tarpaulin.

I also accompanied her last Sunday to order a cake for her, oh boy cakes are expensive now adays huh. I told her that we should not spend too much on the cake so we just ordered a 2 layer cake that she designed. It was a chocolate cake with custard fillings, pink and with blue colors plus of white flowers on the sides and a bunch of pink and blue flowers on the top.

After that, we also went at SM to find a simple dress that she will wear. Actually she doesn't want to wear a gown for practical reasons. We weren't able to find a nice one at SM so she and her cousin went to Sta. Lucia where they found a simple pink dress, shoes and necklace that she can wear.

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