Monday, September 15, 2008

: Laarni Wins Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 :

I watched last Saturday's performance night and actually I was really disappointed about their performances and gosh I don't like their outfits. As usual Miguel sang a very boring song that made me want to sleep that night hahahaha, Liezel is not on top of her performance and she still look stiff and shy. Bugoy gave it all on his dance song, showing off his trademark dance that looks like a bading hahaha but he's got really a good voice but wehn he sang the mellow song he is kinda tired already and his voice is kinda paos na. I didn't like Laarni's song but she sang it quite good. I was expecting a blast performances from them but it was not.

Anyway, last night I was hooked on TV again bec. it was the finals and the awards night that was held in Cuneta astrodome. Fans are rooting for their favorites. I have my own prediction on and rankings and one by the winners are being called. I ws really surprised that Miguel make it to the top 3 (kainis hehehehe). None of my rankings was right, pooooffff..

LAARNI, 1st place,
BUGOY (crowd 's favorite) 2nd,
boring MIGUEL is the 3rd,
LIEZEL was surprised coz she's only 4th,
VAN, 5th he will be a star for sure eventhough he is not in singing, cutie lang eh
CHRIS, 6th

Oh well, i hope Laarni will become a singer for she got the voice. She was crying and very shocked to hear that she is the winner. CONGRATS LAARNI!!!

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