Monday, September 22, 2008

: My Niece’s Upcoming 18th Bday :

My niece Kathleen will turn 18 on Sept. 25 (Thurs.) but we are just having her party on Saturday the 27th. We have been busy preparing for it given that we are just going to hold it at my bro’s place. It was actually just a small party since my niece doesn’t want any dancing or any program. By Friday, they will butcher the pig so that by Saturday morning cooking will begin.

Part of my contribution will be the birthday cake which we ordered at the nearby cake shop, I hope it will turn out nice. I also made a simple invitation and they have already given them yesterday to some of their guests and I made a layout for her tarpaulin that my niece actually liked. Of course I’ll be the official photographer of the event and for sure my compact flash memory card will be full of photos. I can’t wait for Saturday to come and enjoy the party. Oh BTW, we’ll be having a karaoke for everyone to enjoy plus my bro’s friend will play the organ.

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