Thursday, September 11, 2008

:Typhoon Merce's Fury :

It was raining since yesterday morning and no one has ever predicted that eventhough we have no storm signal here in our province it's might will still wreak havoc here. The rain is continous that led to flooding in the low areas here in our place. At around 1 pm, mom of my pre-school niece called the school if they still have classes but the teacher told that it is already on the discretion of the parents if they wanted to send the kids in school.

By early 2 pm all classes from all levels were dismissed making the parents busy getting their children in school because the rain and flood are increasing. There is also a massive traffic (just like what happened last Monday) in front of my store where I could also see lots of people already getting off the jeepneys and just walk. We are also worried bec. we already know that the floods is getting deeper so I decided to close my store and head home.We passed by flooded streets but we are fortunate that there is a shortcut road going to our house.

At home, I got bored so I just watched the TV all night long till 1 am.. Oh well at least I was able to watch Oprah and Tyra Shows at home hehe. Later in the news, videos of the places with floods and people stranded trying to catch a bus to go home flashed and indeed Merce left many disturbed and uncomfortable. Oh well we just need to accept that typhoons will come and go anyway.

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