Wednesday, September 10, 2008

: What a Perfect Gift :

It was Father's Day in Australia last Sunday (yes they have their own date of Father's Day) and my sister JOYD was thinking on what gift should the kids give to their dad so Sis Joy decided to take photos of the kids, have it developed and put it on a special frame as a gift. I reckon it was sweet, thoughtful and precious gift any father can receive on this special day.

I still miss my nephew and nieces eventhough I flew there to spent summer with them last Jan. till April this year. Just take a look at those sweet smiles that they have, Bianca is starting to love posing for the cam esp. now that her mom got a new DSLR, while Braiden still has those sweet smiling eyes, and Micah still wearing her dancing leotards didn't forget to smile and pose.

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