Thursday, September 11, 2008

: Pros and Cons of Buying Used Cars :

About 2 years ago, my aunt and uncle from the US came home for a vacation and before they even got here, he instructed us to buy a second hand car that can serve as their service when they are here. My bro found a Toyota light ace over at Buy and Sell directory and with the money they sent us bro inspected the vehicle and bought it right away. It’s good to buy 2nd hand vehicle since you can buy it of course at a cheaper price, you just need to haggle or look for a good one.

It was working very well, we even used it to go to provinces and other trips, but one day the car just broke down and it was good enough that we drove it to far place bec. there is already a part that is about to split. It is a blessing by the heavens that saved us from harm. Of course mom didn’t want it to be junked so she asked the help of a repair man and they bought auto parts that was needed although it was kinda expensive but at least the car will work in no time. That is one of the cons of buying second hand cars, sometimes you’ll not know that there is a defect when you buy it. Right now, the lite ace is still in use and hopefully my aunt and uncle can use it when they will come back home the next time they will come home.

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