Friday, September 26, 2008

: China Milk Scare:

The increasing treats of milk contaminated with Melamine has reached the Phils. and itt's good to know that Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) checked on the milks manufactured in China to be banned from being sold in the grocery and elsewhere. It is daunting to know that not only milk itself are contaminated, in the news milk and other milk products (like candies, biscuits, candy bars, yogurt etc) are already pulled out from the store's racks to avoid possible danger.

Just imagine all the over 100,000 infants that was affected in China, it was really a worldwide scare now. Singapore, Malaysia and other countries have already destroyed milk products that came from China in efforts to shield their people from being affected. There are many products now that are being recalled in the market and we should be vigilant in what we are buying.

Many big establishments here esp. those that have milk products on their goods have stricter rules implemented and assured the public that their foods are safe. I just received an email this morning and these products are banned.
Stay safe everyone, just to be sure let us refrain from eating China Food products!

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