Wednesday, September 24, 2008

: Yen's QOTW: #32

1. Have you ever wished you’re someone elses?
- Sometimes I do but I have no choice I am me hahaha. Oh I want to have Eva Longoria's petite body.
2. Can you say one nice thing about a person that you do not like the most? What is that?
- Hmmmm- this is tough, wala siguro hehe, sige na nga "flawless"

3. Finish this sentence. “Sometimes I can -so-so- sungit that even I hated myself for being like that, esp. if I have pms.
4. Finish this sentence. “Compared to my real life self, my Internet persona is.. very resourceful, and patient.
5. Life dishes out pain from time to time. We can never tell. Loss of a loved ones, breakup of a relationship, etc. How do you deal with this pain?- I just cry and let it be!
6. Are you a leader, follower or loner? I can say Im'm both a follower and loner
7. Would you rather blend in with the crowd or stand out?
- With my kind of personality I just rather listen and blend in with the crowd

8. What do you take pride in? You can brag a little, or a lot more. It’s your day! _Hmmm ano nga ba?? I don't have much to brag about in my life maybe just having a complete family although don't have too much wealth but we manage to strive and work hard. Oh my blog earnings and the things i bought with it.
9. When people pop their gum do you find it annoying? NOt really, as long as they would'n do it in front of my face.
10. How often do you complain? Yay, many times hehe coz i easily get irritated hmmp???

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