Friday, September 12, 2008

: Pinoy Dream Academy Finals :

I have been religiously watching PDA Season II everyday eventhough it is coming late at about 10:30 pm at ABS-CBN. I have watched it since the beginning and have known each and every dreamer's passion, failures and success over their course inisde the Academy. Actually I never liked some of them and that includes Bunny, Apple, Christian, Miguel and Bea. Although they have strived to become good singers I don't think they are perfect to be named as the Grand Dreamer.

Every Saturday, which is their Gala Night, I always see to it that I will close my store at a much earlier time since the show will start around 8 or 8:30 pm. My favorites are Bugoy (this boy has got talent and voice eventhough he is not that good looking- I hope he is though hehe. Laarni, the fighter and she;s got that voice too although at the beginning I didn't like her bec. of her attitude but she really got talent and last is Liezel, simple, shy yet got a beautful voice and I think she has stepped outof her shell already.

Final Gala Night will be on Sat. Sept.13 and Sept. 14 Grand Finals.. My prediction will be: Grand Star Dreamer, BUGOY, 2nd LAARNI, 3rd LIEZEL, 4th VAN, 5th CHRIS and the kulelat and boring 6th MIGUEL.
Do you watch this show?

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