Wednesday, September 17, 2008

: Another Artist in the House :

This is my 5 yr-old niece Reign who loves to draw. She started doodling on paper at age of 2 and she never stops hoarding all our scratch papers just to draw anything that she fancies.

She can draw on paper, on the computers using the Paint program, where most kids love and just recently when she saw her dad and uncle painting on a canvass she tried it as well but she need to practice there more.

It was surprising to see her draw on the computer without us teaching her, she just explores it or I think she copies what her older brother was doing and later on she do it herself. I also keep her drawings so that when she grows up we can show her creations. She really loves to draw and there's no doubt that she got her talent from her father who is also a visual artist.

Here are some of her creations. Take a look at the mermaid, she told me it was DYESEBEL, her favorite character on Dyesebel the TV show on Channel 7. I guess next time she can draw a bra for dyesebel hehehe.

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