Friday, May 29, 2009

LP: Alam mo Ba? (Do You KNow That?)

I don't normally take photos of flowers if you might have noticed but this one caught my attention when I went at my bro's garden. What makes it interesting is that the plant is not actually a flowering plant. Do you know that, that is the flower of a DAPO plant, and it's my 1st time to see such. It is also called " Palpak-Lauin" by some .
PROJECT 365: Simple Beauty
Hindi ako masyadong mahilig magpicture ng mga bulaklak pero nagadahan ako dito kasi hindi naman flowring plant ito. Alam mo ba na ito ay bulaklak ng DAPO plant? Kakaiba di ba, nahaluan siguro ito ng ibang specie kaya namulaklak.

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