Friday, May 29, 2009

Ahhhh Nasty Virus...

Ahh... what a bad bad day it is for me yesterday..

Been trying to get rid of a nasty virus on my other computer but my effort seems futile. I have tried all means of removing it but it is still there. I used Spybot and it caught some malwares and also I run the Malwarebytes and it caught one and it successful deleted it.

I am trying to unistall my existing AVG virus program but no matter what I do it will not uninstall and it is not working. I am guessing the nasty virus disabled my antivirus program and it wont let me open any documents on MS word or even Excel files.

Argghhh.. I am trying to transfer some of my files at my D drive bec. I might need to reformat teh other computer .. Sighhh.

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