Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy for Jewelries

Ahhh I should be in Greenhills last Sunday but failed to go there last weekend bec. I am not feeling well but I’ll find time next week to do so. That place always reminds me of shopping since that is the place where you see lots of tiangge (small stalls) to find a lot of stuff. Actually I find it remarkable to see women ganging up on the jewelry area to purchase pearls and other jewelries.

I always thought that if you have no time going there, the net will always be the savior bec. I saw lots of
costume jewelry at Holsted Jewelers. In fact when you go to their site, you’ll end up wanting lots of items that you want to get hold of. Just take a look at this pearl stand watch, I guess it's not bad to want this, right?
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