Saturday, September 11, 2010

On The Go Mom

I'm happy that my mom is still very much healthy these days despite being 77 already. She still very much on the go and can still do the things that other people of her age can't do anymore. She still goes to the market, pay bills, go to the grocery, watch a movie, do gardening, cook and lots more. She's doesn't want to be idle because she's getting bored and weak when she's doing nothing. Just like yesterday, she went to the market to buy rice and I also saw her bought some plants and today she's gardening already.

I wish mom's health will continuously be good because she's always drinking her daily medicines for hypertension and cholesterol. I also told her to go out and watch a movie every Tuesday so she can unwind. I guess I have to give her little shopping money soon so that she can buy some new blouses that she wanted. I guess the barcode scanner will not stop while she's on the cashier.She has not shop for a while so I'm sure she'll enjoy shopping next time.

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