Friday, September 10, 2010

Some Business Options

I had a good conversation with a customer of mine the other day at my net café. He was quick to note that I’m lucky to have a business in the neighbourhood. I told him that it’s not easy to have a this net café business these days because there are many competitions already unlike 3 years ago when I put it up. Aside from that, people have the means to buy computers and have internet in their houses already and that also contributed to the slowing of my business.

He even asked me where he could buy a good computer because he also needs this for his home business and I graciously suggested a place where he can get one. We exchanged some ideas and we agreed that things are tough these days but we all know we can surpass all of that.

If only we can invest on something more feasible and stable like those gold coins but even before we can invest on them, we need to have capital to start buying some. I guess if I have extra money for investment once again then buying gold can be a good option.

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