Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Year Older

It was Kath's birthday on Sept. 25 while Karlo was Sept. 26. Both are in their 20's already and we just had a small lunch celebration. I ordered a small cake for them while Kath's mom cooked beef broccoli for lunch that I've requested. Birthdays are not complete without any pancit or long noodles so my SIL didn't failed to cook it as well. Lunch was good, eventhough the celebrants are not present. Karlo was at the dorm in Manila while Kath was around before lunch but left immediately (must have lil' misunderstanding with her mom).

When it's time to blow the candles, 2 of my younger nieces just took the turn to do it..lol
Happy Birthday Kathleen and Karlo!! Now I can't wait for my birthday to come.. yay!

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