Monday, September 6, 2010

Making Sure Our Home is Safe

It was about 2 weeks ago when I was down with flu and being sick is one thing that I really hate for I really can’t work properly. Aside from that, I lost so much weight that really alarmed me. I have no appetite during those days and soup, few spoonfuls of rice, crackers, apples and juice are all I can bear. I guess my body wasn’t able to bear the erratic weather and my work schedules that I end up being sick. Thank God, I’m well now eventhough I still have dry cough.

I also experienced some skin allergies that I suspect is due to dusts and other pollutants. I have had our house cleaned thoroughly so that no further problem will cause that. These days, our air is also getting polluted especially in the Metro where tons of public vehicles are carelessly emitting harmful smoke.

Our homes sometimes are not safe as well especially to kids when we’re negligent that’s why I’m not wondering anymore why there are parents who put  air purifiers in their homes that can possibly minimize indoor air pollution.

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