Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Watching Reality TV Shows

If you love watching reality TV, you're sure to never miss an episode each week. Even if you're doing something important, you will look down at your Fruitz watch, realize what time it is, and race to the television. If you don't watch these shows, then you are definitely missing out. There are many different types of reality television shows to choose from.

American Idol is a popular show right now that tries to find the best singer in America. By going through the worst and weeding them out to have the great singers emerge, this show is enjoyable to watch because the singing that goes on is amazing.

Wife Swap takes two families, and switches the wives with each other. You then get to watch how the wives react in other families not their own. The great part about this show is how the children react to their stand-in mother, and the values that differ from each family.

America's Next Top Model is on the lookout for the next best model. They take contestants and each week give them challenges and after each week someone is eliminated. This show is good because you get to see what goes on during a photo shoot and how photographers and models work together to get the best image. The winner of this show ends up winning a big modeling contract.

Since weight loss is so popular these days, The Biggest Loser is another big hit in reality TV. All of the contestants are overweight or obese, and each week they have to weigh in to compete. During the week they are dieting and exercising hardcore. The best thing about this show is the amazing changes that each person goes through from beginning to end. It's astonishing to see how much weight people have lost on this show.

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