Thursday, September 16, 2010

Already a Teen

I hopped at my bestfriend's blog the other day and saw pictures of her family. I can't help but to get envy at times because I can see the happiness in her eyes. Though there are times its tough raising her 3 children, I know she loves every minute of it. In fact, I can see her being so supportive to her 2 girls who are almost teens with their studies and school activities.

Her oldest daughter, Ruth, who happens to be my godchild turned 13 in August and she's growing up to be a fine young lady. I just hope that she'd study well and not give her mom headache when she's older. I know there'll come a time when she'll worry about what she's going to wear, the best acne treatment if she has some zits on face and probably matters of the heart. I know that my bestfriend will do her best to guide her young teens and protect them them all the time.

Ahhh kids grow up so fast that sometimes they are even taller than us.

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