Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sportsbooks Offer Different Betting Options

A few coworkers and I decided to join an online sportsbook to place wagers on upcoming sports matches. This is my first time taking part in online sports betting, so I wanted to be sure that I understood the kinds of betting options sportsbook provide. I had heard of money line betting and point spread betting, but I had no idea other sports betting terms existed. My coworkers explained to me over-under betting and other options that sounded exciting and worth trying.

Over-under betting is a great option for bettors who can predict whether games will be low scoring or high scoring. Predicting the winner of a sports competition is less important. "Over-under," or "O/U," is a simple betting option. Sportsbooks provide a total number equaling both teams' scores for a game. Bettors must decide whether the game's actual outcome is "over" or "under" the sportsbooks' number.

For instance, in a basketball game with an over-under of 167, bettors must pick how they think the match will actually end. If they think the combined score will be more than 167 points, they bet "over." If they think the teams will do 167 or lower, they choose "under." Over-under betting is versatile because sportsbooks can apply the betting option to statistics as well as game points. Total rushing yards by two football teams is one example.

Another kind of online sports betting option is futures betting. This is placing a wager on a sports event that ends farther into a season, or run, than a typical bet. Sportsbooks may offer futures bets on events like the Super Bowl.

It's smart to analyze the history of a particular team and acknowledge the possibilities that may occur during the season. Star players may suffer long-term injuries, or managers may fire coaches mid-season. Both will affect your bet. With this new knowledge, I may try over/under or futures betting.

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