Monday, September 27, 2010

Building Their Dream House

My sister who is in Sydney is currently building their house and since her husband is also a contractor, they where able to save a little bit. They started the building around May of this year and it looks like they are already half way done as I have seen on the photos at her Facebook account. I was overwhelmed with how big their lot is and I guess it can have 5 or 6 rooms.

Sis also particularly asked her husband to have a bigger garage and bigger laundry area and for sure everything will be more spacious unlike that precious house that they bought before. I have seen the water reservoir in the picture and the size resembles a swimming pool!! That's huge!. It would be nice to have swimming pool in their place but sis Joy told me that probably in the future they'll have one. I guess she can also consider putting a spa or hot tub that has spa covers so that it'll be more safe because she has small kids.

Ahhhh.. I can't wait for their house to be done probably at the end of the year as I'm just so excited as much as them. Hopefully in the future I can visit and can help my sister with the decorating and arranging of the furniture inside the house.

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